This Is Why You Should Never Leave Your Business's Broken Glass Patched Up

16 April 2020
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Having a window get broken isn't uncommon for business owners. It can happen by complete accident, due to the weather, or due to a break-in. But if you have broken glass at your storefront, you should strongly consider getting it repaired as soon as possible. Here's why.

It Sends the Wrong Signal to Customers

In this day and age, there are likely at least a few other businesses in your area offering the same services as you. When this happens, every little thing can potentially influence a customer to choose you over a competitor, or vice versa. Unfortunately, the broken glass might be sending the wrong signal to these potential customers.

Broken glass, at the very least, indicates that no one has cared enough yet to have it fixed. But it goes beyond that. Your customers may decide that it indicates that you've had a break-in in the past and therefore your business may not be safe for them to visit. As a result, they could end up going to your competitors instead.

It Sends the Wrong Signal to Criminals

The same broken glass can also send the wrong signal to criminals. Once again, it can potentially spell out that your business has had a break-in. It may also indicate that you don't have any kind of alarm system or that you lack metal shutters to keep your business safe when no one is there.

In this kind of case, you may end up with more than one break-in in a short amount of time. That will not only mean more broken glass to fix, but it could damage your livelihood or increase your insurance premiums.

Energy Loss

Beyond what potential customers and possible thieves might think, having a broken window means losing energy. No matter how well you patch up the window, it's going to create a draft that will result in hot air coming in when it's hot inside and cold air entering when it's already cold. This is likely to increase your energy bills and may make customers who enter feel uncomfortable near the window, which could drive them away from any products placed there.

Having a broken window is something that you should get fixed right away. If you haven't already contacted a glass specialist, now is the time to do so. Don't let a broken window continue to hurt your business any more than it already has.

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