Frameless Shower Doors Are Stylish Yet Practical

22 February 2023
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Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? One of the biggest changes you can make would be to swap out your tub and curtain combo for a glass shower enclosure, complete with a frameless shower door. Here's how this one high-end installation can help transform your entire bathroom while also adding some practical benefits to your house and life.

Minimalist, Modern, and Clean

A tub and curtain combo is considered to be pretty standard for most bathrooms and won't get a second look from anyone. But replacing this tired look with a glass enclosure with a frameless door can immediately transform your space. This setup offers a minimalist and clean look that will also make your bathroom feel more modern. If you have a limited budget for your bathroom remodel, going with this one change can transform the look and feel of your entire bathroom.

Easy to Wipe Down 

Are you tired of finding mold growing in between the folds of your shower curtain? When you switch to a frameless glass enclosure, mold issues will be a thing of the past. You'll be able to simply spray the glass with your cleaning product of choice and very quickly wipe it down. There won't even be a frame to get in the way as you move your paper towel or cleaning instrument back and forth. This premium installation can make your life easier by helping you keep your shower cleaner than it's been in the past.

Custom Design Offers Flexibility

When you get a frameless shower door, you can opt for a custom design by a local professional. This means that you might be able to get the glass enclosure for your shower you've always wanted, even if you have limited space. The enclosure and door design can come in any shape or size you want, offering flexibility as you continue planning out your remodel.

Boost Property Value 

A glass shower enclosure with a frameless shower door is a premium feature that is sought after by many. It will immediately add property value to your home, which helps offset the amount of money you are paying to get it installed. The new setup will make for some nice pictures in a future real estate listing if you ever decide to sell your home.

If you want to transform your bathroom with just one change, it's hard to go wrong with a swap from your tub and curtain setup to a glass shower enclosure with a frameless door. 

For more information about frameless shower doors, contact a local company.