Everything You Need To Do After The Windshield On Your Vehicle Is Replaced

6 January 2023
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All of the glass parts on your vehicle are vital, and the windshield is no exception. Unfortunately, damage to your auto glass can happen at any time. When your windshield does become cracked or broken, you should take quick action to get repairs completed before the problem can grow worse. Your responsibility to maintain your auto glass doesn't end after the work is finished, however. Once the new glass is ready, there are some important things you must do to ensure that your windshield remains strong.  

1) Don't touch the windshield for a full day after the auto glass has been replaced. 

Auto glass replacement is often very delicate work. It requires the use of a special urethane sealant that needs to stay perfectly in place until it is set; otherwise, the glass will not properly adhere to the vehicle's frame. To ensure that the adhesive isn't disturbed before it has a chance to cure completely, you should avoid touching the windshield for at least 24 hours after the replacement. You may also notice a powerful tape stuck to certain spots of the windshield. This tape helps prevent the glass from shifting around while you are driving home, and it should be left alone as the adhesive dries. An auto glass replacement technician can assist if you have any trouble when carefully removing the tape.

2) Park your vehicle in an area that is clear of any debris.

For a few days following your auto glass replacement, you'll need to keep your vehicle in a clean place that won't cause issues throughout the drying time. The windshield should remain away from heavy winds, rain, dust, and dirt. In other words, it's best to park your car in a garage or other covered area to decrease the likelihood of a foreign object inadvertently getting caught on the sealant. That said, don't use a fabric or vinyl cover on your vehicle either. Any added pressure on top of the windshield, no matter how minimal, can adversely affect how smoothly the adhesive dries. Keeping the auto glass clear of debris will allow the windshield to settle into the frame exactly as it should.

3) Look for any indicators that there is a problem with your auto glass replacement.

Even the most meticulous auto glass replacement job can result in difficulties. For example, the adhesive may not have been evenly applied before the windshield was placed. Additionally, hairline cracks might form around the edges of the new glass if your vehicle is moved too quickly after the work is over. Look for water leaking into the interior of your car and glass that appears warped or misshapen. You may also hear a rattling sound as wind slips through the space between the windshield and the frame. As soon as you notice any signs that a problem has occurred with your windshield replacement, reach out to your auto glass technician right away.

Getting a damaged windshield replaced will protect your vehicle, but you still need to take some steps afterward to keep the glass in great shape. Contact an auto glass replacement service to get more aftercare tips for your new windshield.