3 Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Shower Curtain And Upgrade To A Glass Shower Enclosure

21 November 2022
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Many people continue to use shower curtains simply because they are inexpensive and easy to install. However, it is essential to note that there are also some severe disadvantages to using a shower curtain rather than installing a glass shower enclosure. Read below to learn more about three reasons you should get rid of your shower curtain and upgrade to a glass shower enclosure as soon as possible. 

#1: Glass Shower Doors Can Help You Avoid The Buildup Of Mold And Mildew

One of the biggest problems with using a shower curtain is that mold and mildew will often grow inside the folds of these curtains. This fungus can often go unnoticed because it is hidden away in the folds of the curtain. Unfortunately, this does not prevent mold spores from becoming airborne when they are exposed to the steam inside your shower. This means that while you are trying to get clean for the day, you could be breathing in mold spores. Installing a glass shower enclosure can help you avoid this problem. This is because frameless glass shower doors offer nowhere for mold and mildew to hide. This ultimately means that it will be much easier for you to keep your shower clean and avoid the potential health risks associated with airborne mold spores.

#2: Glass Shower Enclosures Are More Effective At Keeping Water In 

The primary reason for using any type of shower enclosure is to keep the water inside your shower so that this moisture does not damage the other surfaces in your bathroom. Shower curtains do not always do a great job of accomplishing this goal. This is because shower curtains only act as a barrier rather than creating a watertight seal around your shower. In order to obtain this type of watertight seal, you will need to upgrade to a glass shower enclosure. 

#3: A Glass Shower Enclosure Can Improve The Look Of Your Bathroom

Many people choose decorative shower curtains in an attempt to make their bathroom more aesthetically pleasing. However, the use of these curtains can be having a negative impact on the way your bathroom looks. This is because shower curtains can make your bathroom appear smaller. This happens because a shower curtain blocks the flow of light through your bathroom and causes your eyes to interpret this surface as an end to the available space. This ultimately causes your bathroom to look smaller and feel more crowded. Glass shower enclosures eliminate this issue and allow you to enjoy a bathroom that looks bigger and feels more comfortable.

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