The Pros And Cons Of Seamless Shower Door Installation

5 October 2022
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The shower is often a focal point in a bathroom. Whether that's a benefit or a disadvantage depends on the design of your shower and its doors. If having the most possible light, a feeling of spaciousness, and a modern aesthetic are qualities that are important to you in your bathroom, one of the best options available is a seamless shower door. When installing a seamless shower door, you should make sure you're aware of the pros and cons associated with this popular style.



One benefit of choosing shower doors with no seams or frames is the additional light it allows into the whole bathroom. With no seams or frames to block light, your bathroom will feel more spacious. And since many bathrooms are located in smaller spaces, any additional feeling of openness can create a big impact in the mood of the room.

Easier to Clean

Seams and frames are places where mold and mildew collect. Eliminate those and you eliminate a lot of the hard work of keeping a shower clean. By using a simple daily shower solution of vinegar and water paired with a squeegee, you can keep your seamless shower doors nearly spotless without the need for harsh chemicals and hours of scrubbing. Your shower will also be less prone to mold growth in general without surfaces for the mold to take hold.


Another major advantage of seamless shower doors is creating a timeless look in the bathroom. Clear glass rarely goes out of style but the designs of framed showers come and go regularly. With just clear glass, you can keep your bathroom looking modern for years.


Possible Leaks

Without seals and frames, it's possible that your shower could be more prone to leaks. You can't install seamless shower doors on any existing shower without first ensuring that the shower has proper drainage to accommodate doors without seams. When building a new shower, you have a little more freedom because you can design the drainage of the shower to accommodate your preferred style of door.

More Fragile

Without frames to provide additional strength and structure, seamless shower doors are more fragile than framed doors. It's vital to use only the best tempered glass in your seamless shower doors installation in order to prevent accidents. Ask a glass expert about the best types of glass to use in your particular design and be prepared to pay a little extra for higher quality glass.

To learn more, contact a glass contractor that offers seamless shower door installations in your area.