Repairs, Residential Glass Replacement Services, And Your Cracked Window Glass Options

15 July 2022
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Did you recently notice a smaller-sized crack in one of your windows? Should you repair the pane, replace it, or wait and see if the damage stops at the crack? Take a look at what homeowners need to know about residential windows, replacement glass services, and your options.

Do You Have To Choose A Repair or Replacement?

While you could do nothing about a smaller-sized window crack, a wait-and-see approach isn't advisable. What may seem like minor damage could impact the integrity of the glass. This could eventually cause larger cracks or may result in more serious damage (such as a shattered window). This could create an injury hazard in your household. The sooner you fix the crack or replace the pane, the lower the risk of accidental injury.

Not only is a cracked pane a household hazard, but this common window issue could also reduce your home's energy efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that 25 to 30 percent of home heating/cooling energy use is the result of window-related heat gains or losses. Add in a crack and your home's energy usage could increase above the average expectations. A quick repair or replacement minimizes heating/cooling energy losses and could save you money on utility costs.

Can You Repair A Cracked Window? 

It is possible to repair some cracked windows. But this isn't a do-it-yourself job. A professional window glass contractor is the best person to repair a cracked pane. These pros have the knowledge, experience, and equipment or materials necessary to assess the damage, choose a repair option and fix the window correctly. If the contractor feels the crack is not repairable, listen to the reasons the professional gives and replace the window if needed.

Should You Replace A Cracked Window?

The answer to this question depends on the extent of the damage and other potential issues. Along with cracks, constantly foggy windows and water leaks typically require full-pane replacement. 

Like repairs, residential glass replacement is not a DIY job. Glass replacement is a complicated process that requires an expert level of knowledge and training to complete. Failure to replace the glass correctly could result in potentially damaging water leaks, expensive air leaks, or the need for a second replacement service. 

Do You Need To Replace Multi-Pane Glass?

Multi-pane windows are exactly what the name implies. These windows are made from multiple panes of glass. The manufacturer or installation company pumps clear gas between the panes as insulation. Even though these windows have more than one pane of glass, damage to any piece could disrupt the system and decrease the insulation properties.

If your home has a cracked multi-pane window, it's likely you will need to replace both (or all) of the panes. This type of replacement helps to create an air-tight seal that effectively and efficiently keeps the elements out and the interior air inside of your home. 

To learn more about what to do in a situation with a cracked window, contact a residential glass replacement service.