Auto Glass Repair: 5 Types Of Windshield Damage You Should Know

9 June 2022
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If your windshield has taken some damage, you should consider visiting an auto glass repair shop as soon as possible. If you don't know exactly what kind of damage the windshield has, you might not be aware of what type of work is needed to restore it properly. Here are common windshield damages you should be familiar with.

1. Bull's Eye Damage  

The bullseye crack has a well-defined center, or bullseye, which is the point of impact. The remaining glass in the window forms a circle around the eye. This type of damage indicates that your car was hit in one specific spot and not by something with widespread force. 

This type of damage is relatively easy to repair as long as it's not too large and no large cracks are branching off from it. 

2. Star Break Damage 

This type of damage is named after a star because it resembles a star when viewed from above. It's caused by a hit on the windshield that doesn't have sufficient force to puncture through. Instead, it causes cracks radiating out from where the impact was made. 

3. Singular Cracks 

This damage appears as one crack in the glass. Size matters when it comes to cracks; the smaller they are, the easier they are to repair. This damage is repaired by applying epoxy to prevent the crack from spreading.

If you have a crack, bring your car into an auto glass repair shop for an inspection. They will know if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. The good news is that cracks can often be repaired and don't necessarily mean that you need to replace your entire windshield.

4. Half Moon Cracking 

This type of damage is just like the bull's eye, but the impact point is not well-defined but makes a shape like a half-moon. This damage is repaired by  replacing only that portion of glass that is damaged, rather than replacing all of it 

5. Combination Cracks 

When cracks occur in multiple directions, they're called combination cracks. If a combination crack is left unrepaired, it can turn into a large spider web-like network across your windshield, making it extremely difficult to see. 

These cracks usually start at a rock chip and radiate outward, but sometimes multiple chips combine on a single area. They are difficult to repair but an experienced car glass specialist can handle them. 

Windshield damage poses a real risk to your safety on the road, so you should deal with it as fast as possible. Visit an auto glass repair shop for a careful inspection and repair of windshield damage.