Why Euro-Style Shower Doors Are A Great Design Choice

30 August 2021
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When you're renovating your bathroom, you may be looking at some of the options for a new shower enclosure. Especially for those who are looking to get rid of their tub and convert it to a standing shower, you might be looking at different enclosures to find the right one for your personal style. For example, Euro-style shower doors have become a popular trend for many homeowners. Euro-style shower doors, also known as frameless shower doors, are a great option for many bathroom remodeling projects. Here are some of the advantages of Euro-style shower doors for your home.

Euro-Style Shower Doors Are Versatile

One of the things that many homeowners like about Euro-style shower doors is the fact that you can install the doors to open in either direction. When you eliminate the frame on the doors, you eliminate the obstruction that would prevent the doors from opening inward versus outward. 

If you're renovating a bathroom with a small amount of space to work in, having shower doors that can open inward will eliminate a significant obstruction in the bathroom space. If you're hoping to optimize your space, talk with your remodeling contractor about Euro-style shower doors.

Euro-Style Shower Doors Are Easy To Keep Clean

Another great reason to consider Euro-style shower doors is that they are easy to keep clean. Although glass shower enclosures are simple to clean with a squeegee daily and glass cleaner weekly, glass shower doors with a frame still have plenty of areas inside the edges of the frame where mold, mildew, and other contaminants can grow. Those areas are nearly impossible to reach, making them exceedingly difficult to clean.

Euro-style shower doors don't have the same frame structure, so you can clean the glass segments from edge to edge. This eliminates any bacteria or mildew that could be harbored in your bathroom.

Euro-Style Shower Doors Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Establishing a shower enclosure with Euro-style shower doors results in a seamless, bright, open structure. For smaller bathroom spaces or bathrooms that lack sufficient natural light, these shower doors can help the space feel less obstructed, larger, and brighter.

Take the time to talk with your remodeling contractor about installing Euro-style shower doors when you plan your new bathroom. They can help you find the right glass option, whether you choose clear glass, frosted glass, or any other style that fits your new bathroom decor.

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