3 Faqs About Auto Glass Repair Services

13 May 2021
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Every vehicle owner knows how important automotive glass is, especially the windshield. Auto glass protects you from wind, dust and reduces the impact in case of accidents. Once the glass cracks or breaks, the windshield becomes a danger to you and your loved ones. Driving around with a cracked or broken windshield is extremely dangerous as the auto cannot sustain a high level of air pressure. Understanding the process of an auto glass repair will help you to avoid exposing yourself to harm.

Here are the top 3 FAQs about glass repair services to help you make a sound decision when looking for an auto glass repair service.

How Do I Know My Windshield Needs Repair or Replacement?

Sometimes you may not know whether your windshield needs repair or replacement. If you are in such a dilemma, perform a quarter test on the windscreen before contacting a repair service. Place a quarter on the windshield's cracks and dents. If the chips are smaller than the quarter, your windshield may just need repairs. Your contractor will also tell you whether it is possible to salvage the glass rather than undertaking a costly replacement.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Auto Glass?

Usually, repairing an auto glass takes about 15 to 30 minutes, while replacing the glass can take about one hour. This, however, depends on the extent of the damage and the size of the car. If you replace the windshield, you may need to wait a few hours before using your vehicle. This is to make sure the adhesive used to replace the glass cures and bonds seamlessly with the glass frame. 

If you drive your car immediately after replacing the windshield, the glass will loosen, resulting in extra costs to re-fix the windshield.

What Makes OEM and OEE Auto Glass Different?

Knowing the difference between OEM and OEE is crucial to make sure you get the best out of your vehicle. An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass refers to auto glass manufactured by your windshield's original manufacture. An OEE (original equipment equivalent) glass, on the other hand, meets the standards of the vehicle's original glass, but a different company manufactures the glass.

Both OEM and OEE are excellent in terms of quality, but choosing OEM auto glass is advisable for warranty and credibility purposes.

These questions will help you choose a reliable repair service and understand the best auto glass option for your car. There are several other questions you should ask a potential technician before entrusting them with your vehicle. A knowledgeable and experienced auto glass repair expert will answer all your queries and meet your glass repair and replacement needs.

To learn more, contact an auto glass company.